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Why Choose a Custom Erotic Audio?

by Ms. Constance of

Everyone knows we love creating sexy audios for all of you to enjoy and you can find them posted on blogs and in our forums and all over the internet. Those erotic audios are free and because of that they are short and sexy but not geared to exactly what you may enjoy.

Many choices for a sexy audio

When ordering a sexy erotic audio you get to choose which lady's sexy voice and you can choose the topic and style in which you would like to have your custom audio made. You can even write a script for your sexy Mistress to record and hear exactly those sexy words you enjoy. Or you can have the Mistress come up with her own sexy script for our audio for a minimal fee.

Personalized erotic audios

Think how sexy and exciting it will be to play your custom naughty audio and hear your Mistress speaking your name along with all the many hot things you enjoy. Having an audio created just for you with ONLY you in mind is not only erotic but hot and orgasmic!

Training made easy

You can have a custom audio made for your training purposes whether it is cock control or feminization or any other topic you would like. Something you can listen to daily to bring you closer to those kink goals you might have. Use your Mistresses sexy voice and talented imagination to bring you into a sexy erotic state of mind day or night in any situation you may be in.

The sexiness that lasts a life time

Your custom erotic audio will be something that can last a life time; you can download the mp3 of your sexy audio to all your devices and have her sexy voice in your ear on demand and will be with you till the end of time.

Next best thing to a phone sex call

Another great perk to a sexy erotic audio created just for you is it is the next best thing to having your Mistress live in your ear. Having it customized and personalized just for you means it is her speaking to you directly about what YOU get off on. You may not have enough time to sneak in a hot guided masturbation call or a cuckold call but you can turn on your custom audio and enjoy your kink and enjoy your mistress even when it is not possible to speak to her directly.

Time for you to reach out

If you think like I do that this all sounds amazing it is time for you to reach out contact the lady you enjoy and have her create a one of a kind specifically geared towards you in mind and enjoy an amazing sexy erotic audio and remember not matter what you will have your Mistress with you always…that sexy voice…that wicked laugh…..and the ability to enjoy a hot erotic explosive orgasm is just a click away at all times.



If you provide the script, and we read it:

5 minutes or less: $40
6 to 10 minutes: $60
11 to 15 minutes: $80
16-30 minutes: $125

Over 30 minutes: Email us for custom pricing.

If you want us to write the script and record the audio for you,
there will be a $20 writing charge on top of the prices above, for audios up to 10 minutes.

Please inquire for longer scripts.